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Keys综合复习(一)Chapters 1-2基础知识归纳与练习Keys:I. (One possible version)1. glanced 2. impression 3. promise 4. remind 5. disappointed 6. lifestyle7. appearance 8. afterwards 9. suits 10. wise 11. part-time 12. gesture 13. show14. rest 15. hairdryer 16. missII. (One possible version)1. beauty 2. invitation 3. communicate 4. advice 5. wonderfulIII. (One possible version)1. make an appointment 2. Without hesitation 3. on top of the world 4. broke down 5. on average 6. depends on 7. made a good impression on 8. looking forward to 9. By the way 10. free of charge 11. works as 12. instead ofIV. (One possible version)1. What’s the matter with her grandmother?2. I like this coat better than that one.3. Simon made up his mind to make his body language better.4. To have a good diet is important for us.5. The bus didn’t work halfway.6. Looking after your hair every day is necessary.7. She advises us to keep our room clean.8. It was surprising for me to hear the bad news.9. You’re rude to use your hands to have meals in China.V. (One possible version)1. reminds; of 2. What kind of 3. get a chance to 4. enough not to; feel 5. persuade; toVI. 1-5 CBADB 6-10 BABCAVII. 1. /; / 2. The; the 3. The; a 4. an; a, an 5. /VIII. (One possible version)1. This road is not wide enough for three cars to move side by side.2. It is impolite of him to lie to his parents.3. Peter is too young to dress himself.4. It is an easy job for me to learn English well.5. I want to listen to some relaxing music to make myself relaxed.Chapters 1-2 综合能力测试题Keys:I. 1-5 BACCA 6-10 CDBCD 11-15 AACBAII. 16-20 CAACB 21-25 DBCBAIII. 26-30 BDBCC 31-35 DACCA 36-40 BCBAC 41-45 BCADC 46-50 BCDDC51-55 BDEAC 56-60 BFCDAIV. (One possible version)61. The policeman is very kind to send me home.62. The stylist didn’t stop working before all the customers left.63. She felt very happy when she won the first prize.64. I would like to have a dinner with you when you are free.65. The ice is so thin that we can’t skate on it.V. (One possible version)66. friend 67. Grade 68. habits 69. cheating 70. advice71.Dear Fancy,You are so kind to care and worry about your friend. I’d like to give you some advice. You can ask Paul to go to school together in the morning and he has to get up early. When you play with Paul, you can tell him that doing homework alone is very important for a student. And every student should get good marks through hard work. Besides, you should always encourage Paul, because it is not easy to give up all bad habits in a short time.I believe you will deal with these problems very well.Best regards!Miss GreenChapters 1-2完形填空训练Keys:A) 1-5 CCDCB 6-10 CABDCB) 1-5 BDBBC 6-10 ACDBCC) 1-5 CADBB 6-10 ADBCDChapters 1-2阅读理解训练Keys:A) 1-5 BBBCD B) 1-5 CBDDA C) 1-5 BAABDD) 1-5 ABBDC E) 1-5 DBACB综合复习(二)Chapters 3-4基础知识归纳与练习Keys:I. (One possible version)1. top 2. direction 3. audience 4. hire 5. extra 6. path 7. note 8. nearby9. appreciate 10. sceneryII. (One possible version)Education; housing; medical 2. conclusion 3. behaviors 4. unhelpful 5. directly6. communication 7. needed 8. basedIII. (One possible version)1. error 2. Cheating 3. ride 4. sign 5. violent 6. hurt 7. persuade 8. advisedIV. (One possible version)1. look like 2. to take shape 3. a large number of 4. in advance 5. am attracted by6. in memory of 7. places of interest 8. by accident 9. leave for 10. feel sorry for 11. none of our business 12. on businessV. (One possible version)1. The hotel is not far.2. Which way are you going?3. I appreciate your help.4. Send your parents my regards.5. The museum finally began developing into a clear form three months after it was designed.6. Smoking in the classroom is not allowed.7. There are a lot of mistakes in the article.8. It took them a long time to do their homework.9. Mike is playing.10. It has nothing to do with you.VI. (One possible version)1. It 2. It 3. This; that 4. that 5. It; he 6. It; she 7. It 8. It 9. It 10. itVII. 1-5 ADDAA 6-10 BCACBVIII. 1-5 EBADGChapters 3-4 综合能力测试题Keys:I. 1-5 CABBB 6-10 BABDD 11-15 DCACCII. 16-20 BCACA 21-25 DAABCIII. 26-30 CDACB 31-35 DAABC 36-40 BADCC 41-45 DCDCA 46-50 DCBAB51-55 DFAEC 56-60 ECFABIV. (One possible version)61. There are a large number of people watching the film.62. I thank you for what you have done for me.63. Please contact me ahead of time.64. We are given advice to leave at once.65. You are wrong to cheat in the exam.V. (One possible version)66. writing 67. as much progress as 68. on 69. get along 70. dye71.I like traveling for vacations. Next month I am going on vacation. This time I am going to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, because there are beautiful views everywhere — bright sunshine, blue sky and clear air. I’m going with my parents. Of course, we are taking the train to get there. The new railway between Tibet and Qinghai has been built already. We are visiting many places of interest in Lhasa. We are going hiking and camping there, too. We are staying there for about a week. I think we are having a good time there.Chapters 3-4完形填空训练Keys:A) 1-5 BADDD 6-10 BACBCB) 1-5 BDACC 6-10 ADABDC) 1-5 CADBB 6-10 DCACAChapters 3-4阅读理解训练Keys:A) 1-5 BCCAD B) 1-5 DBDBC C) 1-5 DBBDC D) 1-5 CAABBE) 1-5 CCACC综合复习(三)Chapters 5-6基础知识归纳与练习Keys:(One possible version)I. 1. unprepared 2. calm 3. raise 4. dead 5. order 6. pity 7. vegetarian 8. director9. nervous 10. sinceII. 1. unprepared 2. industry 3. nervous 4. public 5. private 6. introduction 7. director8. emergency 9. straight 10. space 11. cruel 12. pity 13. order 14. cameraman15. bill 16. dead 17. vegetarianIII. 1. raised 2. clapping 3. influenced 4. ordered 5. director 6. unprepared 7. instruction 8. nearby 9. increaseIV. 1. ahead of 2. instead of 3. because of 4. agree with 5. cost of living 6. keep still7. fell forward 8. raise your hand 9. at once 10. switched on 11. in order to 12. sounds good 13. is made of 14. had trouble with 15. In my opinionV. 1. taken steps 2. control room 3. keep me awake 4. lose weight 5. put on weightVI. 1. It’s time to have dinner.2. Bob ate another six apples last night.3. The boy was too young to wear clothes by himself.4. The manager is responsible for the work in a company.5. To do more exercise is good for our health every day.6. We played football instead of playing basketball.7. He didn’t remember to close the window last night.8. She is only nine years old, but she can help her mother do some housework.9. I don’t know what to do next.10. You will not catch the early train if you don’t go now.VII. 1. mind my smoking 2. good for your health 3. spend much time playing 4. advises; to 5. took; to 6. forget to 7. allowed to 8. argued about 9. for example 10. so; that11. asked; to lend 12. sounds good 13. make; cleanVIII. 1. He said he had lunch at school.2. He asked me if I went to school on foot.3. My father told me when he was young, he had to help his father plant vegetables in the field.4. Tom said what a clever girl she was.5. He asked me whether I had been to the Great Wall or not.6. The teacher told the students to clean the classroom.7. His mother told him not to play computer games for a long time.8. Peter asked me what I had eaten for breakfast the day before.Chapters 5-6 综合能力测试题Keys:I. 1-5 DABBA 6-10 DBABC 11-15 CBBBAII. 16-20 CADBD 21-25 CADBAIII. 26-30 DBACA 31-35 DACCB 36-40 BABDB 41-45 DDCAB 46-50 ACDAB51-55 CBAED 56-60 DEFABIV. (One possible version)61. Angela was very young, but she was very smart.62. The old man was too old to walk by himself.63. It rained hard last night.64. He went to the shop instead of going to work yesterday.65. It’s time for class now, children.V. (One possible version)66. Class Two 67. meat 68. stronger 69. fat 70. agree with71.Nowadays students are getting fatter and fatter. They don’t like eating vegetables. They like eating snacks very much.I don’t think eating too much KFC or McDonald’s is good for health. In my opinion I think students shouldn’t eat too much meat; they should eat enough vegetables, fruits, tofu and some other healthy food. If they often eat fast food instead of healthy food, it is bad for their health. Students should keep balance of diet. They should do some exercise every day; they shouldn’t stay in the classroom all the time.Chapters 5-6完形填空训练Keys:A) 1-5 DAAAC 6-10 DCBBBB) 1-5 BADAD 6-10 ACACBC) 1-5 BDDCB 6-10 CCDBAChapters 5-6阅读理解训练Keys:A) 1-5 AADDB B) 1-5 BBADB C) 1-5 DBCBAD) 1-5 CDBAB E) 1-5 ACBDB综合复习(四)Chapters 7-8基础知识归纳与练习Keys:(One possible version)I. 1. masks 2. Curiosity 3. attempt 4. beneath 5. was kidnapped 6. theories 7. perfectly 8. gift 9. genius 10. conductors 11. band 12. research 13. applause 14. purpose15. shockedII. 1. alone; lonely 2. puzzled 3. forced 4. generally 5. offeredIII. 1. let; down 2. regard; as 3. sense of humour 4. burst into 5. have known; by heart6. put in a prison 7. sum up 8. in reply to 9. led to 10. presented; withIV. 1. pulled off 2. felt sorry for 3. find out 4. be good at 5. at the ceremony6. received an invitation 7. agreed to 8. was on my way to 9. For the first time; changed his mind 10. fell in love withV. 1. Christine became Tom’s wife yesterday.2. We are all surprised at this bad news.3. The mother kissed her baby’s face.4. Romeo began to love Juliet when he saw her for the first time.5. Hans didn’t know what the professor was talking about.6. Don’t put your hands on these ancient Chinese bronzes in Shanghai Museum.7. Can you help me?8. John’s parents were so happy that they cried when they saw their missing son.9. He will be back in a short while.10. The development of nuclear energy is the result of Einstein’s research.11. The question is simple enough for a child to answer it.12. After he finished doing all his work, he left his office.13. Lily invited me to attend her wedding.VI. 1. How lonely 2. When; did; force 3. platform which 4. How did; answer 5. oughtn’t he 6. wouldn’t like 7. Where did; study 8. make up her mindVII. 1. that 2. if 3. whether 4. who 5. what 6. what 7. what 8. when9. where 10. why 11. how 12. whose 13. which 14. how much 15. how manyVIII. 1. to share the money 2. to rest 3. to save up 4. to become 5. not to pass6. to stay at homeChapters 7-8 综合能力测试题Keys:I. 1-5 ADCCD 6-10 CDCDA 11-15 BCABDII. 16-20 CADBC 21-25 ADBDDIII. 26-30 DACBD 31-35 DACBC 36-40 DACBC 41-45 BDCAA 46-50 DACCB51-55 FBEAC 56-60 EFDBCIV. (One possible version)61. How can I get to the Opera House?62. The beggar no longer appeared.63. What do you go to Canada for?64. You should remember the new words well.65. Angela never makes her friends disappointed.V. (One possible version)66. born 67. to take 68. won 69. studying 70. invited71.Lang Lang — A Piano GeniusLang Lang was born in Shenyang in 1982. He began to play the piano when he was 3. He got the first prize in the piano competition in his hometown when he was only five. In the following years he won some prizes. In 1996, He went to America to continue his study. In , he was invited to have a concert at the White House. In , he played in Bird’s Nest for the Beijing Olympic Games.He has become one of today’s most outstanding pianists in the world, and is named as “A young people changing the world”.Chapters 7-8完形填空训练Keys:A) 1-5 BDACD 6-10 BADBDB) 1-5 BACBA 6-10 DACBAC) 1-5 CAABA 6-10 CACADChapters 7-8阅读理解训练Keys:A) 1-5 ACABA B) 1-5 DBCDB C) 1-5 ACDCBD) 1-5 ACCBD E) 1-5 AACBC综合复习(五)Chapters 9-10基础知识归纳与练习Keys:I. (One possible version)1. imagine 2. survived 3. excited 4. exciting 5. cultivated; cultivator 6. discovered7. advantage 8. filled 9. truly 10. closedII. (One possible version)1. enemy 2. man-made 3. set up 4. regularly 5. copied 6. quality 7. make use of8. As a result 9. begins with 10. On the contraryIII. (One possible version)1. changed my views 2. all over the world 3. Besides 4. make good use of 5. do experiments 6. at the latest 7. give up 8. took placeIV. (One possible version)1. take back 2. take away 3. take off 4. take part in 5. take in 6. takes upV. (One possible version)1. He was so frightened that he didn’t say even a word.2. The girl is so young that she can’t get married.3. The problem is too hard for all of us to work it out.4. She was so angry that she could say nothing.5. Kate went to the library instead of going to the cinema.6. Zhao Benshan is an actor with strong sense of humor.7. Tom runs faster than any other student.8. The square is full of visitors.9. There are over 3,000 different types of plants in the park.10. Tom got up early this morning in order to catch the first bus to school.VI. (One possible version)1.To avoid talking to him 2. To do this experiment 3. to encourage you 4. to get there on time 5. to be heard 6. to ask me to have dinner with her 7. to find the meaning of the word 8. to keep healthy 9. to make breakfast for the family 10. to earn some moneyVII. (One possible version)1. Fortunately 2. widely 3. quickly 4. better 5. carefully 6. best 7. politely8. carefully 9. faster 10. largestVIII. 1-5 DFAGC 6-10 DFBAEIX. (One possible version)1. with 2. most 3. that 4. stopped 5. friends 6. me 7. time 8. seems 9. any 10. illChapters 9-10 综合能力测试题Keys:I. 1-5 BDABD 6-10 CCBAD 11-15 ABBCCII. 16-20 DABAC 21-25 CDABDIII. 26-30 CBDAC 31-35 DACDA 36-40 DBCBA 41-45 DCCBA 46-50 CDABC51-55 DACBE 56-60 BAEDCIV. (One possible version)61. Jim works harder than any other student in our class.62. The basket is filled with apples.63. My sister went to the concert instead of going to the party.64. The dress is so big that I can’t wear.65. What do you think of the film?V. (One possible version)66. protect 67. People’s 68. tomorrow 69. Grade 70. Students’71.Dear Tony,How are you feeling now? We all miss you very much. I have something good to you.Today we went to the people’s Park to plant trees. We gathered at the school gate at 8:00 am. We took the school bus there. As soon as we arrived there, we started to dig holes. Then we planted the young trees and filled the holes with earth. After planting the trees, we went to have a picnic lunch. We had a good time there. How I wish you could have come with you.With regards!MaryChapters 9-10完形填空训练Keys:A) 1-5 CABBD 6-10 ADACBB) 1-5 ABCDC 6-10 ABABBC) 1-5 ADABD 6-10 ABBDBChapters 9-10阅读理解训练Keys:A) 1-5 BBCCD B) 1-5 BCDBB C) 1-5 CBDDBD) 1-5 DACBB E) 1-5 BCDCD


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